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What does Northamptonshire Heritage do?


    Northamptonshire Heritage
    Northamptonshire County Council
    PO Box 163
    County Hall
    Community Development and Environment (2nd Floor)
    NN1 1AX

Northamptonshire Heritage brings together expertise in the conservation of archeaological sites, historic buildings and landscapes. The historic environment is all around us. It is a unique source of information about our past, but its survival is threatened by the ever-changing demands we place on our environment. As Northamptonshire changes, it is important that we record what remains of our historic environment and conserve and enhance the most important parts for future generations.

What does Northamptonshire Heritage do?

Northamptonshire Heritage is responsible for the management of all aspects of the historic environment of Northamptonshire. We provide services and advice to a wide variety of people including districts and parish councils, developers, schools and the general public.

Northamptonshire Heritage:

  • maintains the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), which lists archaeological sites and listed buildings in the county - members of the public are welcome to make an appointment to consult the SMR
  • gives advice on finds discovery and recording
  • develops planning policies and provides Development Control advice for the protection of the historic environment
  • protects and enhances Conservation Areas
  • manages over twenty County Heritage Sites for the County Council, including village stocks and whipping posts, market crosses, monuments and archaeological earthworks
  • sets standards and oversees their implementation on the Management of the Heritage Estate
  • runs an Interpretation Programme of events, exhibitions and publications promoting enjoyment and understanding of the historic environment
  • works closely with other conservation bodies including English Heritage and the Countryside Commission
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